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EWC “Combining spirituality with cutting-edge technology and holistic techniques"

Bioenergetics for full check­up of the human body and effective treatment of the most known diseases.

key possibilities: Diagnostics of the patient’s:

  • Diseases and possible complications.

  • Stirrers of the diseases Weak systems of the body.

  • All the organs abnormalities and their causes.

  • Allergens, toxins, harmful products.

  • Genetic predisposition Prognosis of the disease development in future.


Treatment possibilities: Individual effective plan of treatment by the preparations Instant energetic correction of any disease Appropriate food products selection General recreation of the body High accuracy of the diagnostics and high effectiveness in treatment of the human body! This equipment is based on young and dynamically developing bioresonance method (read more). Bioenergetics allows to make a full organism checkup quickly and without any harm to a patient and to diagnosticate deviations and decrements of health status, risk of progression of diseases, detect helminths, bacteria, allergens, viruses that are present in the organism and other information (more about abilities). Also Bioenergetics equipment has other interesting functions like making individual healing preparations or therapeutic influence on a patient. You can read wider in Equipment module.. 

Here's a brief description of the device features:

1. The full scan of the patient

2. Identification of all diseases, the causes of diseases, pathogens

3. Determination of allergens

4. Determination of prognosis of disease at 1 year and 5 years ahead

5. Bioresonance treatment of any disease frequency compensation (individual therapy)

6. Active bioresonant standard therapy (as in Bicom)

7. Selection of the most effective regimen of drugs (there are many drugs in the database of software, but also have the opportunity to test any drug in special bioresonance chamber, and to determine the effect of this drug on the patient's body)

8. Preparation of individual electronic medicinal preparation, for the individual patient

The Bioresonance Machine - BioFeedback


The Bio-Resonance machine utilizes MORA-therapy. A curative effect is brought about by the

stimulation of the patient’s defenses, and stimulation of restorative processes in your organism. It is a

pain free and non-invasive therapy without harmful side effects.


All cells emit weak bio magnetic waves similar to brain waves. The Bio-Resonance machine separates

these waves into healthy and unhealthy components. The healthy waves are boosted and returned to the

customer, to strengthen normal functions. The unhealthy waves are only returned after being inverted,

thus cancelling their effect in the body. It can be thought of as an electromagnetic biofeedback.


The Bio resonance machine is used in forms of Bio magnetic therapy. It contains an electronic circuit

measuring skin-resistance, employs micro current therapy and utilizes similar concepts to traditional

chinese medicine and acupuncture.


Low frequency Bio magnetic therapy has been proposed by medicine practitioners of alternative medicine

for a variety of purposes.


Bio resonance assists the body to reduce its toxins or stress loads and helps to restore ‘self-regulation’,

the body’s ability to heal itself.


Bio resonance therapy has been used for:


Mental and physical energy balancing; Psychological preparation; addictions, performance and anxiety, in

conjunction with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT to aid in recovery from exhaustion and



How many sessions will I need?


The treatment varies from person to person depending on the severity of symptoms.

What about conventional treatment?


Bio resonance is often used in conjunction with conventional treatment and is not intended to replace it.


This is Las Vegas, NV Top Wellness Center; we offer natural prevention and treatment for numerous

illnesses.  Our cutting edge modalities include: Bio-Resonance Machine, Crystal Infrared Sauna and

Chakra Color Therapy Lights, Solfeggio frequencies, Reiki – Balance and Healing Energies, Tantra

Sessions, Tantric Water Ceremony, Vibrational Fitness Machine & Watsu Massage.



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