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Covid-19 update: Bioresonance Disease Diagnostics

Covid-19 update: Bioresonance Disease Diagnostics

Remote diagnostic testing now available, contact us to schedule today (702) 972-1156

Bioresonance Disease Diagnostics and Treatment

Our bioresonance devices and diagnostic software perform:

  • Multivariative analysis of homeostasis of systems and organs.

  • Detection of diseases, present in the organism and possible reasons of their rise.

  • Detects the diseases in the risk case.

  • Values the biological activity of microflora.

  • Noninvasive analysis method: biochemical blood analysis, microflora analysis (presence of viruses, bacteria, invaders).

  • Analyses the genetic predisposition.

  • Detects the allergens and their reasons.

  • Characterizes changes in the organs: functional and organic.

  • Determines the acid­alkali balance in the tissues.

  • Gives the recommendations about the diet inclusive of blood group (exclude ­ recommend).

  • Allows to select an individual course of treatment and to define an individuallyeffective dose of drugs by testing the medication in the bioresonance chamber of the device.

  • Has the broadband filters of spectronosodes of 24 leading companies ­ producers of dietary supplements, which are connected with all computer models of database.

  • There is a capability to make all the database for one exact company.

  • Contains the spectrograms of food, medicinal, common, production and endogenous toxins.

  • Selects individual selective medicinal agent from 1760 possible variants.

  • Has informational spectronosodes of 1st frequency selector for stabilization of condition of skin.

  • The database is supplemented by digital structuring and drainage spectronosodes.

  • The number of spectrograms is 12000 variants. Also: There is a card index so you can work with data of patients, their analyzes.

  • There is function of recording of the card index on a disk, sorting patients by alphabet. Automatic (every day or every week) data archivation and entropic potential reset by the way of negative information counteraction.

  • Disintegration of Imago card index on different operators with the entrance code for personal databases. Access limitation to Imago­spectrograms and their deletion.

  • There is spectrograms of 23 dietary supplements producer companies.

  • There is dosage of inner vegetative test and Pharmaceutical form of the packed medications.

  • Has a part with spectrograms of sound organs for final structuring stage of a therapy.

  • The operator can chose a way of data organizing: by systems, by frequencies, by parts of body (head, neck, chest, belly, pelvis, limbs).

  • There is an opportunity to listen slow music with regulated volume during the history taking. Operator can switch on the inbuilt microphone and speak with a patient without taking of the head phones.

  • After the software installation user can chose the speed of work of Imago diagnostic and before the any examination it's deepness.

  • In the bioresenance devices and software there is a professional multilevel protection from possible illegal use and forgery.

Here's a brief description of the device features:

1. The full scan of the patient

2. Identification of all diseases, the causes of diseases, pathogens

3. Determination of allergens

4. Determination of prognosis of disease at 1 year and 5 years ahead

5. Bioresonance treatment of any disease frequency compensation (individual therapy)

6. Active bioresonant standard therapy (as in Bicom)

7. Selection of the most effective regimen of drugs (there are many drugs in the database of software, but also have the opportunity to test any drug in special bioresonance chamber, and to determine the effect of this drug on the patient's body)

8. Preparation of individual electronic medicinal preparation, for the individual patient (spektronozod)

Covid-19 update: Schedule Your Bioresonance Disease Diagnostics Today (702) 972-1156 (remote diagnostics now available)

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