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Bioresonance Las Vegas, BioFeedback

Diagnostics of the patient’s:

  • Diseases and possible complications.

  • Stirrers of the diseases Weak systems of the body.

  • All the organs abnormalities and their causes.

  • Allergens, toxins, harmful products.

  • Genetic predisposition Prognosis of the disease development in future.

Treatment possibilities:

  • Individual effective plan of treatment by the preparations

  • Instant energetic correction of any disease

  • Appropriate food products selection

  • General recreation of the body

High accuracy of the diagnostics and high effectiveness in treatment of the human body!

This equipment is based on young and dynamically developing bioresonance method (read more). Sensitiv Imago allows to make a full organism checkup quickly and without any harm to a patient and to diagnosticate deviations and decrements of health status, risk of progression of diseases, detect helminths, bacteria, allergens, viruses that are present in the organism and other information (more about abilities). Also Sensitiv Imago equipment has other interesting functions like making individual healing preparations or therapeutic influence on a patient. You can read wider in Equipment module.

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