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Bioresonanse diagnostics and treatment

Bioresonance | Biofeedback Therapy

Bioenergetics for full check-­up of the human body and effective treatment of the most known diseases.

Our Bioresonse Device Performs:

  • Multivariative analysis of homeostasis of systems and organs.

  • Detection of diseases, present in the organism and possible reasons of their rise.

  • Detects the diseases in the risk case. Values the biological activity of microflora. Noninvasive analysis method: biochemical blood analysis, microflora analysis (presence of viruses, bacteria, invaders).

  • Analyses the genetic predisposition.

  • Detects the allergens and their reasons.

  • Characterizes changes in the organs: functional and organic.

  • Determines the acid­alkali balance in the tissues.

  • Gives the recommendations about the diet inclusive of blood group (exclude ­ recommend).

  • Allows to select an individual course of treatment and to define an individuallyeffective dose of drugs by testing the medication in the bioresonance chamber of the device.

  • Has the broadband filters of spectronosodes of 24 leading companies ­ producers of dietary supplements, which are connected with all computer models of database.

  • There is a capability to make all the database for one exact company. Contains the spectrograms of food, medicinal, common, production and endogenous toxins.

  • Selects individual selective medicinal agent from 1760 possible variants.

  • Has informational spectronosodes of 1st frequency selector for stabilization of condition of skin.

  • The database is supplemented by digital structuring and drainage spectronosodes. The number of spectrograms is 12000 variants.

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