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biofeedback therapy near me

EWC offers modalities that can be customized to your needs: Sessions vary between 45 minutes to 5 hours in duration, anytime of day or evening.


biofeedback therapy las vegas

Choose from the following Cutting-Edge Modalities:



1. Bio-Resonance Machine - BioFeedback Therapy 


It is used in forms of Bio magnetic therapy. It contains an electronic circuit measuring skin-resistance and

also employs micro current therapy, using similar concepts to traditional Chinese Medicine and

acupuncture. See Treatments



2. Crystal Infrared Sauna and Chakra Color Therapy Lights 


Infrared light is emitted or absorbed by molecules when they change their rotational-vibrational

movements. The machine examines absorption and transmission of photons in the infrared energy range.

Infrared (IR) therapy has been developed and has shown improved wound healing, relief of arthritic pain,

increased endorphin levels and bio activation of neuromodulators.


Infrared therapy has been used in the treatment of chronic back pain. Heat therapy has been shown to

create higher tissue temperatures, which produces vasodilatation that increases the supply of oxygen,

nutrients, the elimination of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste.


The Infrared sauna has ten carbon heaters and chakra color therapy lights.


3. Solfeggio Frequencies


Solfeggio frequency is a term coined by Doctors Leonard Horowitz, DMD and Joseph Puleo in 1999. It is a

system of musical tuning for pitched instruments, referring to a belief that a set of nine frequencies

derived from numerology were used centuries ago in Gregorian and Sanskrit chants.

These frequencies are believed to create positive shifts to those in proximity and repair the DNA.


4. The Solfeggio Frequencies Include:


01 = 174 Hz

02 = 285 Hz

Ut = 396 Hz

Re = 417 Hz


Mi = 528 Hz – Love – of the idea to be the exact frequency used by genetic engineers throughout the world to repair DNA


Fa = 639 Hz

Sol = 741 Hz

La = 852 Hz

09 = 963 Hz



5. Reiki – Balance and Healing Energies


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, stress reduction,

relaxation and balancing the subtle energies within our bodies.


Reiki is a bio-energy therapy that addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. This

healing art is an effective delivery system. The Reiki practitioner serves as a vessel that supplies healing

energies where they are most needed.


6. Tantric Water Ceremony


The word Tantra means an everlasting continuum. Tantra is a Far Eastern technique to prolong the sense

of wellbeing specifically developed to purify the body, mind and soul with aroma and herbal bath

ceremony, so that all bad thoughts and emotions are washed away with water. This ceremony exists in

many religions and considers particular sources or bodies of water sacred, or at least auspicious.

The benefits of these practices is point of health and preventing infections especially in areas where

humans come in close contact with each other. There is also a champagne and water ceremony where it

helps for nice, healthy and anti-aging skin.


7. Vibrational Fitness Machine


This Vibrational machine offers an LCD display that walks the user through 27 sports specific workouts.


Whole body vibration may refer to vibration training, also known as vibration therapy, biomechanical

stimulation (BMS), and biomechanical oscillation (BMO). This is a training method that employs low

amplitude, low frequency mechanical stimulation to exercise musculoskeletal structures for the

improvement of muscle strength, power, and flexibility.


Vibration training has been advocated as a therapeutic method in the treatment

of osteoporosis, Sarcopenia, and metabolic syndrome. It is used in the fitness industry for physical

therapy, rehabilitation, professional sports, beauty and wellness applications.


Whole body vibration may also refer to the vibration exposures found in many occupational settings such

as heavy construction, forklift operation, vehicle operation, and farming. Occupational WBV exposure, especially when chronic, is suspected to cause adverse health effects such as fatigue, lower back pain, vision problems, interference with or irritation to the lungs, abdomen, or bladder, and adverse effects to the digestive, genital/urinary, and female reproductive systems.


8. Watsu Massage


WATSU is a therapeutic warm water massage combining eastern meridian and point work with myofascial

release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and breath work.

In a warm pool, the person floats weightlessly (as our bodies are naturally buoyant, although some use

small floats wrapped above the knees for added buoyancy). The head is supported by the therapists arm

eyes and nose out of the water. The body is gently twisted, stretched and wafted through the water in

graceful fluid movements as the therapist massages pressure points.

Tense areas release, the limbs become fluid and joints loosen. The ears are slightly submerged and the

swishing sounds of the water lull the subject into a deep and tranquil state of relaxation. Long held

tension patterns unwind, physical armoring lets go, and latent patterns of playful movement begin to

emerge. One may be reminded of being in the womb, or feel jelly-fish like, limbs like tentacles moving through the

water, reconnecting you to your free and playful nature. As the session progresses, the lack of gravity

and the warmth of the water induces/encourages flexibility, giving the body more freedom to explore its

full range of motion.


WATSU benefits orthopedic, neurological and rheumatological impairments. People who experience

arthritis, back pain, brain injury, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s

disease, post-traumatic stress disorders, spinal cord injury, and stroke have reported benefits from

WATSU sessions.


Healing can happen at a psychosomatic level: trauma patterns can unwind and neuromuscular impulses

may be awakened and re-patterned for a healthier sense of self. WATSU allows for a truly unique


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