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EWC was established soley for Charitable, Educational, and Scientific purposes under IRS 501 9c) (3) the mission is dedicated to improving the health of the community and education.

Combining Spirituality, cutting edge technology and holistic techniques for good life. 


Whole Person..Whole Body


Las Vegas, Nevada Bioresnance Biofeedback Therapy - Denver, Colorado Biorsonance Biofeedback Therapy.

Key benefits of treatment. Call today to learn more and schedule your appointment. 


Diagnostics of the patient’s:

  • Diseases and possible complications.

  • Stirrers of the diseases Weak systems of the body.

  • All the organs abnormalities and their causes.

  • Allergens, toxins, harmful products.

  • Genetic predisposition Prognosis of the disease development in future.


Treatment possibilities:

  • Individual effective plan of treatment by the preparations

  • Instant energetic correction of any disease

  • Appropriate food products selection

  • General recreation of the body


Las Vegas, Nevada Top Wellness Center - Denver, Colorado Top Wellness Center. We offer natural prevention and treatment for numerous illness. Call today to learn more and schedule your appointment. 


Our Cutting-Edge Modalities Include: BioFeedback Therapy, Bio-Resonance - Machine, Crystal Infrared Sauna and Chakra Color Therapy

Lights, Solfeggio Frequencies, Reiki – Balance and Healing Energies, Chakra, Tantric Water Ceremony, Vibrational Finess Machine & 

Watsu Massage. Learn more>>

Body Sculpting Center Las Vegas, Body Sculpting Denver, Colorado - It’s easy to get started in your Body Sculpting journey

to a slimmer you. Your first step will be scheduling a consultation with our Body Sculpting specialist.


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